The debate

The convenience of payments means in a cashless economy - 06/01/2018

The appearance of immaterial payment systems has increased economic convenience for citizens. From there, payment solution companies go double-or-nothing, promising that going full cashless would be even more convenient. But the inconvenience of going to an ATM will be quickly replaced by new, far more tedious ones, should the cash option disappear.

Mass surveillance in a cashless economy: freedom & privacy at risk - 06/01/2018

In the recent years of the struggle against cash, proponents of a cashless society, usually associated with absolute state control, have argued that a world without cash would be a counter-balance to governmental power, not an increase of its control. Cash defenders beg to differ.
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The cashless society from an ethical point of view

The debate about the move towards a cashless society has been at the center of the scene for several years, now. Various angles have been taken by economists, politicians, banking institutions and sociologists. Beyond the technicalities of the debate, lies the question of freedom, of inter-citizen solidarity and of governmental responsibility. The debate cannot remain in the hands of financial specialists, it is first and foremost an ethical, political and societal issue.

The cashless society from an ethical point of view