Good habits for 2020: stop paying cashless

Kind of like that person in the movie theater who kicks the back of your seat: It’s annoying, distracting and ruins your experience.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop spending entirely, just like you don’t have to stop going to the movies altogether. You just need to pick your purchases (and maybe your seats) more carefully.

Now that 2020 is upon us, here are some things you can kick out of your budget and some other changes to consider.

Easy purchases with one-click shopping Cashless shopping is convenient, but it can be a budget-buster. This year, make it more difficult to spend money online. This could help cut out some of your impulse purchases.

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The cashless society from an ethical point of view

The debate about the move towards a cashless society has been at the center of the scene for several years, now. Various angles have been taken by economists, politicians, banking institutions and sociologists. Beyond the technicalities of the debate, lies the question of freedom, of inter-citizen solidarity and of governmental responsibility. The debate cannot remain in the hands of financial specialists, it is first and foremost an ethical, political and societal issue.

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