Cashless economy is putting the environment at risk

No paper used, no trees cut, no diesel trucks transporting cash to the banks: the cashless economy is the perfect answer to the environmental challenge of our century. Or is it? Beneath a seemingly reassuring veneer of eco-friendliness, the cashless revolution poses an environmental threat and a societal dilemma.

An unstoppable trend?

Despite many warnings from civil liberties associations, it seems that central banks, and powers that be, have decided that the future would be cashless. The share of cash-based operations of our economies has been dropping steadily with the arrival of digital payment solutions, to the extent that several countries are now inches from giving up on cash entirely.

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The cashless society from an ethical point of view

The debate about the move towards a cashless society has been at the center of the scene for several years, now. Various angles have been taken by economists, politicians, banking institutions and sociologists. Beyond the technicalities of the debate, lies the question of freedom, of inter-citizen solidarity and of governmental responsibility. The debate cannot remain in the hands of financial specialists, it is first and foremost an ethical, political and societal issue.

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